Filter Cartridge Replacement (General 1A-25A)

Replacement filter cartridge for General 1A-25A oil filters. These filters have a far superior performance in my experience to the O.E.M felt filter that you will find in General Filters.  They do a great job filtering out any debris coming out of the tank to help prevent nozzle plugging. 

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 To help in Identifying your filter-General filters have a red top with a black filter cup on them with a 9/16 bolt to remove the filter cup. I have other filter cartridges available including for the larger General 2A-700A filter and the Fulflo FB4 filter among others-so contact me if you have a different filter style and I can most likely help you with it.

Filter Cartridge Replacement (General 1A-25A)
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  • Item #: Unifilter RF-1
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